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Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment


Now, having smooth, straight hair is only an appointment away when you visit the Spellbound Salon. Let Paul, our master stylist, transform your overly curly, wavy, or frizzy hair into a sweeping fall of soft, straight, shiny strands.


Introducing the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment, a Brazilian style hair straightening and smoothing product which contains natural keratin to relax and revitalize each hair strand without the risk of damaged hair caused by the harsh chemicals found in other products; no thioglycolate, lye, sodium hydroxide, or formaldehyde. Keratin is a natural substance found in hair, and is able to penetrate the hair cuticle to assist in repairing internal damage while coating the strands to prevent further external damage.


The Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment is so safe and gentle, it can be applied to all types of healthy hair, including color treated, highlighted, permed, relaxed or previously straightened hair. Because each strand of hair must be treated from scalp to end, the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment will take between 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the length and density of your hair. Once the product has been applied to the hair, a heated iron is used to seal the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment to the hair cuticle.


Only during the first 4 days immediately after receiving the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment will you need to take special precautions to protect and pamper your newly smooth, sleek hair. During this time period, wearing the hair down will allow the  product to settle in your hair, ensuring the best straightening and smoothing results possible.


DO NOT shampoo your hair

DO NOT apply styling fluids, sprays, mousses, or gels to your hair

DO NOT allow hair to get wet; if it does, use a blow dryer or flatiron immediately to dry and smooth the hair

DO NOT run fingers through your hair

DO NOT do anything, including exercising, to cause your head or hairline to sweat

DO NOT use hair clips, bands, barrettes, or ribbons in your hair; allow the hair to rest and fall unrestrained

DO NOT braid, pull into a ponytail, topknot, backcomb, or twist hair up; allow the hair to hang down, moving freely

DO NOT place hair behind ears or use glasses to hold hair back; use a silk scarf to gently and smoothly hold the hair away from your face


After this 4 day interval of protecting and pampering your newly smooth, sleek hair, you can return to your normal activity schedule and resume your regular hair care regimen. As always, the Spellbound Salon recommends using a no sodium-chloride (sulfate-free) shampoo for cleaning your hair.


At the Spellbound Salon, our master stylist can provide color or highlighting to your hair before applying the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment - all during the same appointment. And because your smooth, sleek hair results will last approximately 12 to 16 weeks, if you need a color touch-up before the next straightening and smoothing treatment, no problem.


Call today to schedule your appointment for smooth, straight hair in the relaxed and comfortable environment of the Spellbound Salon. And if you are interested in additional information about the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment, call, email, or stop by during normal business hours, and share your questions. Let the Spellbound Salon create a new look for a beautiful you.


For a detailed description of each item in the American Culture hair care line, including the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment product, and to learn more about the company and their philosophy, visit the American Culture website.